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Imperial Theology 101

In all of Halla, there are two basic classifications for deities. From these two classifications sprout many categories and subcategories, the veracity of which is sometimes disputed among the various races and cultures. The two main classifications are the major gods, or Gods, and the minor gods, or gods.

Major Gods

A God is defined as “Any conscience and sentient entity who has at least one of the following characteristics: omnipotence, omniscience (all knowing), or omnipresence (ever/all present). A God who is omnipotent is all-powerful, able to do anything. Contrary to popular opinion, this does not mean that such a God can do any imaginary thing that one can conceive. For example, a God cannot cause a married bachelor to appear. There is no such thing as a married bachelor because the words are self-contradictory in nature. The only loophole would be if a God, for instance, changed the meaning of the word bachelor so that it simply meant man instead of an unmarried man.

An omniscient God is all-knowing; He has all knowledge. However, this fact does not mean that a God can answer every one of your questions straightforwardly. No God can describe what the color nine smells like because nine is not a color, and even if it was a color can’t be smelled. Neither can a God tell you the last number of ∞ or the exact value of π. Such a thing does not exist.

Finally, an omnipresent God is a God who is all-present or eternal. Such a God is incapable of dying. If such a God were to, hypothetically, die, then said God would have never been omnipresent in the first place and would have simply been a god. Some scholars argue that Gods who occupy all space would also go under the omnipresent category. As of yet, no conscience entity has been discovered that occupies all space.

Minor gods

A minor god is defined as “Any self-conscience being who is worshipped by at least ten individuals.” In order to be formally recognized as a deity in the Empire, nations formerly in the Empire, or nations recognized by the Imperial Union; a god must register, or be registered by his followers, with the Deictic Status Registrar instituted in Triskellion. If a being seeking godhood is unable to amass ten loyal and devout followers then he may only attempt to achieve the status of hero or legend. These titles must also be obtained through an Authorized Registrar.

The DSR was founded by and is currently headed by Stephan Valthёo, the grandson of Ray “The Restless” Travale. Stephan is a pure half-elf, both of his, now deceased, parents were half-elves. Stephan and his hand-picked scribes validate, record, and monitor the godhood of previously mentioned beings.