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Lance: The fictional brother (or friend closer than a brother) of the fictional video game character Link (From The Legend of Zelda). Lance was very similar to Link but did not actually wield a lance--that was simply his name. Lance was my favorite character when playing "our game" with my best friend. My BBF was Link himself. I also used this name when we played "Oblivion" or "Oblivion/LoZ/Avatar the Last Airbender". Other names I used were Ehud and Edino and Legault.


Matthew: This character was a stowaway on the good ship Morrigan--vessel of the greatest space pirates/mercenaries this side of the galaxy! Matthew was my other favorite name when playing "our game" with my friend. This Matthew was slightly based on...

Matthew: The Cheerful Thief--a character in the video game Fire Emblem (FE 7 in Japan) for the Game Boy Advanced (I own two copies ^.^ ). Matthew was one of my favorite  characters in the game and I feel that I had quite a bit in common with him (and thought he looked really awesome!). I will admit that I like Legault more than a little bit better but his name usually sounds weird to people who haven't played the game.

Chad: Another Fire Emblem character and the one I played as on Fire_Emblem_Roleplay. Chad is from the sequel (FE 6 in Japan) to Fire Emblem which was not released in the United States. I played Chad because both Legault and Matthew were already taken...sadly this site no longer exists.

Matta Swifoot V: Matta Swifoot was a halfling (read "hobbit) I played in The Third Dawn. His was a long line of official couriers for the emperor of the Imperial Union. However, due to political unrest that contract was broken and Matta ("Matt" for short) had to live on the streets as a thief and informant. Later he joined the military as a spy.

Tang Long: An Imperial dragon and caretaker of Princess Penelope's Magizooalogical Reserve (or something like that... I need to confirm title). I was one of the GM's among a group of mystic or magical creatures in a Garden-like reserve hidden from human eyes. We secretly attempted to train the others as soldiers to form an army against the humans--some resisted...

Makaio: The original idea for Makaio was my Admin character for The Night's End. His biography can be read here: He was going to be one of the great political leaders in that game...which never actually started. I have been keeping this site up so that I can recycle any part of it I want for later use. Finally, when Renquist (Wren/Graihl), the creator and maintainer of The Menagerie roleplay system, started the Sellswords run I saw my chance to finally use this amazing character:

Makaio Millilani: A Hawaiian-like character who was raised as... well, I'll just let you read for yourself: "Hello, my name is Makaio, which means "a gift from God." Although, I'm not sure how true that is any more. The ironic part of this first statement is that anyone reading this should already know who I am. If you do not know me, then you are probably reading this without my permission--not a wise choice. I received this journal as a gift on my fifteenth birthday. This is the first gift I have received since I left my homeland two years ago. The irony in that statement is that I once lived a life in which everything I needed was given to me. I had no requirement but learning and no obligation but study. I was the one blessed by God to do great works and one day save my people from destruction. However, I have discovered that if I am indeed blessed by God then God has also blessed many other people on this planet and given them powers I can only hope to obtain. The questions I now ponder are as follows: If I am the one prophesied then what makes me so special? If I am not such then what is my purpose? What gives me and others like me our powers and abilities?"

Makaio the Eladrin Warlord: This Makaio is quite different in build because he is an actual warrior. He is 50 years old (Eladrin live to be 300) and recently joined the resistance against the evil empire that has risen over the land. He is a master tactician and the oldest--most experienced member of the core group. The new guild, The Phoenix Guild, has risen from the ashes of the old and is steadily growing to defeat the Dark Hand (essentially Darth Vader).

Simeon: A former monk of a monastery. Simeon is pure of mind and pure of body. However, he just couldn't stay in the monastery. He had to leave and see things for himself. Hiding from the world was not a solution to its problems.

Simeon the Monk: This Simeon has an extended biography that can be read by clicking HERE:

The only similarities between the two men is their looks and origin. This Simeon left the monastery because he discovered that they taught false doctrines. He searched the Scripture and decided to seek someone who could help him learn the truth. He is a pacifist because he is worried that any violence could be a violation of the sixth commandment. He also plays the mandola to pass the time.